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Trouble With The Prostate, Will Only Doctor. Do not Count On That Yourself Will be the TRUTH AND

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More cancer occurring in men is prostate cancer is a dangerous cancer because it develops almost asymptomatic, and often detected only at the stage of metastases, e.g. in the spine. Hormonal therapy may be used as a means of continuous or periodic – since a few months of therapy, followed by a rest period, then another treatment and so on. Therapy periodically causes side effects in a reduced quantity, but, unfortunately, does not allow to control cancer in the long term.

REMEMBER! Don’t wait for cancer – do a PSA test as a preventive measure. Thanks to research, many cases of prostate cancer will be detected at a very early stage (asymptomatic disease). This enables a quick and effective treatment.

It would seem that the Americans have problems with overweight, because the burgers, fries, steaks, etc. In Poland, at least a few percent of the population of men has problems with obesity, which leads to the fact that are more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer. It is necessary for the problem to direct attention, because of this, we have more cases removal of the prostate (radical prostatectomy), radiation therapies, or even death.

Potential sources pozabakteryjnego inflammation of the prostate may be at least a few. In the first place, indicates improper functioning of the bladder. When wypróżniania, urine of the channels and ducts of the prostate, and then it settles. After some time, it can cause serious irritation and, in the end, this inflammation.

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Prostate, that is, Prostata is a very important organ of the male reproductive system, which plays an important role for the urinary system. Unfortunately, he is also one of the more vulnerable male bodies in inflammatory processes. Most often unpleasant diseases associated with inflammation of the prostate affect men between 40 and 50 years, although prostatitis 30-year-old is also not uncommon. Therefore, if you notice disturbing symptoms, consult a specialist. A good urologist quickly put the correct diagnosis.

Scientists from the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the center dedicated to cancer research, came to some interesting conclusions, which concluded in a report published in November 2013 in the pages of the prestigious journal “Nutrition and Cancer”, and previously posted on the Internet.

Stinging nettle (urtica Urtrica) is a plant which is common, growing in all areas of the globe (except tropical). Growing also in Poland, even on the roads and in the yards. Therapeutic effect have which is a raw nettle leaves (Folium Urticae) and root (Radix Urticae) as described under certain slogans.

According to Medical center of the University of Maryland, plant was often used throughout history as a diuretic and for the treatment of painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout and anemia. Now used mainly for the treatment of problems associated with urination and allergies and joint pain.

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– In terms of the patient who has prostatic hypertrophy and is treated with medications, we can expect the so-called syndrome wiotkiej iris. It carries a very high risk of complications śródoperacyjnych. If the surgeon optometrist knows that it can defend itself by applying the appropriate treatment before and during surgery. But if on the operating table this surprises us, unfortunately, complications can be a lot more dangerous for the patient, – said the Professor. Mrukwa A Fireplace.

Experts point to two main factors risk of developing prostate cancer: age and heredity. Prostate cancer develops a long time, so in most cases are diagnosed at a later age. A higher risk of developing cancer occurs in men who men, first degree relatives (father, brother) they also sank to the disease.

Reminded me of this because sometimes you see a diagram of the impact of a circle on a specific organ, Here, it seems that the prostate is affected by the washer L4 and the tip of the coccyx. So that probably meant that the coccyx that podgięta to the prostate.

In recent years, innovative hormonal therapy, which greatly improved the prognosis for people whose cancer has proved resistant to the groove. Cytotoxic drugs, which appeared on the market in the beginning of XXI century, have a toxic effect not only cancer cells but also damage other rapidly dividing healthy cells. Therefore, patients often have side effects. As stressed by Professor Wysocki, prolonging life and improving its quality are key factors in patients who have failed to bring to complete recovery.

You can’t reduce any complaints on the part of the urinary system, especially paying attention to the symptoms of prostate. Sometimes one symptom can affect one or discovered in time the process cancer, allowing to conduct studies and adopt effective therapy.

Harwardzka School of Public Health was the first that attracted the attention of scientists on the potential cancer risk associated with greater consumption of dairy products. In the present state of knowledge, the promotion of dairy products, present in many countries, it seems to us irresponsible, ‘ said Professor Walter Willett, the Director of the school in Boston. The establishment of this, it is recommended to provide the body with one or two good sources of calcium per day, which include calcium mineral water, vegetables kapustowate, sardines, almonds and dairy products. These last not necessary, it is only one of the options on the supply of calcium in the body.

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Refused and again I asked the cause of polyps. Again muddy the conversation, nothing specific. I received the drops in the nose, a course of steroids and said goodbye. I have not received the summons after six months or a year, so it seems to be true, we broke up, and well.

The main issue in the choice of antibiotic is its ability to penetrate into the tissues of the prostate. Unfortunately, the most widely used antibiotics does not reach the prostate tissue and its secretion) concentrations, related activities, and therefore should not be used.

I’m going on with this massage. Massage the finger from an external side of the coil. The same coil is not oppression. If you wrote that after the massage hurts you, Prostata, then I’ll say, probably not. It hurt the coil. As uciśniesz coil tightly, even when żołędziu, you will feel very severe pain, and long kept. Coils should not oppress. If it hurts after the massage, change the massage therapist. On the other hand, the question remains, is it possible for someone to massage the prostate does not inhibit coil, So you need to do it yourself. Then we feel, when we are in pain. The massage itself troublesome. Fast fingers are numb, but brings the best results. Raise the bar, thus, all deposits and swelling. Restoring proper circulation. This is especially important in antibiotic therapy. When we use a strong antibiotic bad penetration, and, as a rule, so that the strongest do not penetrate into the prostate, because it obrzęknięta. Then the doctors give weaker, but better insightful, which, unfortunately, do not always help.

The flow of urine for the wires sterczowych the urine into the glands of prostate mog± penetrate bacteria and substances from which I create± prostatic stones. Bacteria judged±ce on the rocks I create± biofilm. Uric acid and other components of urine mog± to cause inflammation of the chemical.

Care should be taken in the case of the introduction of the drug Xtandi to patients with a history of seizures padaczkowymi in an interview or other, described in an interview with factors predysponującymi before they occur, including: primary brain injury, stroke, primary brain tumor or brain metastases, or alcoholism. In addition, the risk of seizures may be increased in patients concurrently taking drugs that reduce the threshold drgawkowy.

Procedure HIFU is performed by inserting a head obrazująco therapy for rektum (rectum). In the case of large glands stepper motors, and also in case of multiple zwapnień within them we use radical measures-HIFU” which is jednoczasowej in cewkowej electro-resection of the Central part of the prostate (adenoma of the prostate) and HIFU. This behavior is standard e.g. in Germany and France, where long experience has shown that it provides valuable material histopatologicznego, improving the efficiency of cancer, and reduce the percentage of complications in the form of pozabiegowego narrowing of the bladder neck.



When it came to urinary retention need immediate introduction of a catheter into the bladder to provide urine outflow. Typically, the catheter can be removed through a 2-3 day passes as acute symptoms of inflammation. If you are unable to introduce a catheter through the urethra, it is necessary to perform puncture nadłonowego for insertion of a catheter directly into the bladder.

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However, other studies, including controlled experiments dietary, do not confirm the hypothesis, suggesting a beneficial effect of lycopene. The reason for the discrepancy may be a different amount of lycopene applied in separate studies (it might be too small to cause a change in its level in the blood), and that individual products based on tomatoes, have significantly different contents of lycopene, and the fact that the methods of the study of its content in the blood are not as accurate.

Tadalafil is a chemical compound refers to a group of drugs called PDE 5 inhibitors used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In 2011, after a series of clinical trials, the Agency Food and Drug FDA using tadalafil as a drug used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Efficiency tadalafilu in the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy have been proven scientifically and confirmed using the drug patients. Specialists recommend receiving at a dose of 5 mg tadalafilu times a day, some time.

As recalled by the researcher, so far all tested on the patients of the therapy, which was supposed to inhibit the migration and metastasis of cancer cells have failed because they were either ineffective or too toxic. According to Dr. Bergana, if you find that the drug with genisteiną really inhibits cell migration of prostate cancer it could theoretically have the same effect as in the case of other malignancies.

We should calmly weigh the “pros” and “cons”. Too big risks associated with taking the wrong decision resulting in serious consequences. In no case should not, as in the case of a cold or sore throat – don’t wait until the doctor will write a prescription, and offer effective treatment.

The prostate is a male organ of the act is on the bottom of the pelvis, immediately below the bladder. The etiology of the process of hyperplasia is unclear, however, it seems that the changes are the result of hormonal disorders and the activity of dihydroTestosteron(active metabolite Testosteron). The doctors emphasize the role that plays in preventing BPH lead an active lifestyle and proper diet. It should be rich in protein, zinc, vitamin D and lycopene. And frequent consumption of red meat and fatty foods increases the risk of prostatic hypertrophy.

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Doctors encourage± to 15. years mężczyĽni once a month±cu experienced its j±doctor. This is best done immediately after or during warm k±pieli, when the scrotal skin rozluĽniona. You should then take±t every j±dro between the palm of one hand and the fingers of the other, and gently rolować, search±c possible nodules.

∆7-sterols have a high affinity to androgens – they block the receptors that suppresses excessive growth of the prostate. Inhibition of 5α-reductase is weaker than the above listed resources, however, pumpkin seeds, significantly increases the number of free Testosteronand the number of allocated urine. Selenium and vitamins work, and remove free radicals.

The best results typically give± here, GOST±ce ¶measures to be taken at the same time¶no: QIANLIETONG (Chinese herbal pills przeciwdziałaj±ce przerostowi prostate and prostate cancer) 3 times a day for 4 PL. after 3 months±ce, zinc – 50 mg per day, no more than 100 mg and “natural PHENOMENON”. After 3 months of treatment, then for the next few months, you need to take Pau d’arco along with Boracelle.

It differs however mainly from the electricity used, for example, in the house. Electric current in setting up a home network has a frequency of 50 Hz, and the frequency of the current produced in the human body normally. 49 000 000 Hz. This corresponds to half the frequency of the light wave, which is estimated at 186 000 000 Hz. So before people have time to think, to relax or to try to influence the course of energy, it has long it comes to goals. Our thoughts are too free to be able to control the flow of electrical energy.


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During treatment of BPH, conventional medicine usually focuses on limiting the drugs hormones that control growth (hypertrophy) of the prostate gland or relax the smooth muscles inside the prostate. The alternative is surgery. However, most men can benefit from the use of various additional nutrients that provide proven relief with a diagnosis of BPH.


For the most common diseases that can be suspected in the study per rectum are: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, and inflammatory processes. However, it should be remembered that we explore only part of the prostate. Lesions may be hidden inside the prostate – there you can recognize them with the help of other diagnostic methods, which we will talk more. This study should not cause any anxiety, any mental resistance in patients. It is widely used around the world is neither sad nor painful, and provides basic and essential information about the condition of the prostate gland.

Leads to denaturation of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is involved in the exchange Testosteronand is responsible for the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Furthermore, damage to exposed nerve endings of the system of α-adrenergic receptors, which leads to a decrease in the tension of smooth muscles in coil sterczowej and facilitate urination.

Chronic prostatitis occurs months or even years; symptoms include discomfort in the perineum , pobolewania in the lower abdomen, testicles or back, frequent urination , also at night, weak urine flow, effusion of urine after completion of urination, the body Temperature is often correct. In the semen, you may receive a blood Diagnosis is a discussion with the patient and a medical examination. Treatment usually brings rapid improvement, although there are some cases a few long.


As a result of hormonal disorders, after 50 years, Prostata occurs overgrowth cause±c pressure to the coil moczow±, which can lead to difficult¶you in urinating. It is estimated that in Poland, this problem affects around 2 million men and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia has more than 50% of men after 60 years.years. and 90% at the age of 70-80 years. The presence of urine in the bladder leads to the development of bacteria and inflammation of the bladder. Stagnation in the bladder can cause retraction of the rear view of the urine in the kidneys and their gradual damage.

Pumpkin ordinary – blooms from June to September. Very large, spherical, gruszkowata, cylindrical. The outside is covered with a hard thick shell, inside mięsista, with a diameter of 40 cm, green, yellow, or orange. Pumpkin flesh is fibrous, with numerous, whitish seeds. Fruits grow on angular, rigid stalks, which distinguishes this genre from a giant pumpkin.

A prescription for prostate disease can also be the application of some vitamins or minerals. Vitamin E prevents prostate disease. It is an excellent antioxidant, it destroys free radicals, that is, works against nowotworowo. Also important is the role of zinc which protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, reduces prostate hyperplasia.

One of the most dangerous diseases of the prostate is, of course, cancer. Its occurrence is more common in men after 50. year of life. First cancer gives no symptoms, so it is important regular checkup at the urologist. Discovered in the early stages in most cases is treatable by: irradiation, hormonal therapy, surgery or chemotherapy.

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As a result of application of brachytherapy ziarnowej (introduction into the prostate with radioactive pellets) 68% of men begin to suffer from impotence, 6% have problems with constipation, and even 19% with urinary incontinence and other diseases urologicznymi. If radiation therapy is combined with surgery type przezcewkowa resection of the prostate, even 85% of patients lose the ability to retain the urine, 21% possible radiation prostnicy inflammation (inflammation and tissue damage of the colon and rectum), and 2% damage happens anus.

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If you want to deal with the prostate in the Bud, learn to eat and love soy. Products based on soybeans contain phytoestrogens, which help to reduce production Testosteronconsidered to be conducive to the development of prostate cancer. It is believed that the phytoestrogens limit the growth of blood vessels that grow around tumors of the prostate.

In addition to the probable inflammation of the prostate for a long time in the us left a small oval stone. Because before the fact of the disclosure of this stone the urologist recommended application fitolizyny on the prostate (along with other drugs herbs), now fitolizyna was, on the contrary, recommended.

Prostate cancer occurs more often in people who are obese, apply a diet rich in fats coming from the beef so take very oily, and dairy products. An important factor associated with its development is also non-Smoking. Experts estimate that due to the aging society, this tumor will appear more and more often.